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Small correction in B part, and correct the part repeats.
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      <p>See <a href="#printing">below</a> if you'd like to print a book
        of these tunes.
      <p>Click on the tune title or first line music for a page showing
        the dots for the tune and giving links for downloading the tune
        in various formats. If you don't read music, or you'd like to work
        on practising learning tunes by ear, or just playing along with
        the tune, click on the learner icon
        <img src="../img/learner.png">
        for a page where you can listen to the tune repeatedly, either
        at the full playing speed or several slower speeds.
      <p>When changes to this site are made, the issue number is incremented.
        This is issue @BUILD@.

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      <h1>The tunes</h1>
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      <a id="printing"><h1>Printing</h1></a>
      <p>You can download a PDF of a booklet of these tunes. There is an
        <a href="@BOOK@-A5.pdf">A5 landscape book</a> with one
        tune per page, a <a href="@BOOK@-Nook.pdf">4x5in portrait book</a>
        suitable for use with an eReader like a Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc.,
        and an <a href="@BOOK@-A4.pdf">A4 book</a> with two or
        more tunes per page.
      <p>If you have a printer that can do duplex (i.e. print on both sides
        of the paper), you might like the
        <a href="@BOOK@-A5bookletA4.pdf">A5 booklet</a>.
        Print this onto A4 paper using both sides of the paper, and fold in half
        to make an A5 booklet.
      <p>You can also now download a PDF of the Bumper Booke. The Bumper
        Booke contains all the Session tunes and all the Morris tunes in
        a single book. There is an
        <a href="../Bumper-A5@INSTRUMENT@.pdf">A5 landscape book</a> with one
        tune per page, an <a href="../Bumper-A4@INSTRUMENT@.pdf">A4 book</a>
        with two or more tunes per page, and an
        <a href="../Bumper-A5bookletA4@INSTRUMENT@.pdf">A5 booklet</a>
        for printing on A4 paper and folding in half.